Facts about African Migration 

A 2009 study conducted by Gallup Polls across 135 countries reveals that 16 percent of the world’s adult population would like to move permanently to another country if they had the chance. However, these numbers seem to vary by region. According to polls taken from 2007 - 2009, 38 percent of sub-Saharan Africans want to migrate, while only 10 percent of Asians want to permanently leave their home country. The U.S. is the most desirable destination country, according to those polls (Espisova, Ray, 2009). A variety of reasons lie behind migration. People may migrate in order to improve their economic situation, or to escape civil strife, persecution, and environmental disasters. Traditionally, the reasons encouraging an individual to migrate were categorized as "push" or "pull" factors. Globalization has introduced a third set of motivations called "network" factors, which include free flow of information, improved global communication and faster and lower cost transportation. While network factors are not a direct cause of migration, they do facilitate it. As well as encouraging migration, globalization also produces countervailing forces. For example, as businesses grow and become more internationalized they often outsource their production to developing countries where labor costs are lower. This movement of jobs from developed nations to the developing world mitigates certain economic factors leading to migration. In other words, in a global economy jobs can move to potential migrants instead of migrants moving to potential jobs. The impacts of migration are complex, bringing both benefits and disadvantages. Immigration provides a supply of low cost labor for host countries, while remittances from emigrant workers can be an important source of foreign income for sending nations. On the other hand, immigration can stoke resentment and fear towards newcomers in receiving states, as immigrants are discriminated against, accused of lowering wages and associated with crime, among other complaints. For the economies of sending nations, emigration leads to a loss of young, able-bodied, well-educated and otherwise economically valuable citizens. This Issue in Depth is designed to help you understand the causes of migration, the allocation of benefits, and the ways in which individual countries and the international community deal with this important subject. The Issue in Depth addresses primarily voluntary economic migration, that is, migrants who relocate to a foreign country as temporary workers or legal immigrants. These categories of migrants are perhaps the most controversial as governments struggle to create a migration policy that effectively acknowledges economic necessity and domestic apprehensions. Civil conflict and oppression create different patterns of migration in the form of refugees and asylum seekers. 


Why  your choice should be " Vietnam " ? 

  • Similar Africa's Climate ,  low cost of living .
  • Good schools , afordable accomodations
  • Clear Business and investment law for Foreign Investors
  • Allowing foreigner to accquire Land and Houses 
  • Good position in Trade ties with many countries
  • All Industries are developed and is a good Source of raw materials .
  • Top list of suppliers ( Rice , Garments, textiles , Shoes , furnitures , commodities and minerals etc )
  • Top 5 of the World's best optimistical consumer Index .
  • No discrimination and equal treatment to all nationalities 
  • Stable Political status and receiving many international's aids ( Infrastructure , Education , Industry etc )
  • Good Banking facilities and recognized internationally
  • Central Asia for further connection with neighboring  countries such as China , Thailand , Cambodia , lao etc 

​Lastly , because we,  SBJ Foundation and Consultancy Co., Ltd,  are here in Vietnam.

You already have standing by assistance with full commitment to your Happiness and Success .


Who are our clients ?

  • African who seeks for better Living environment and Education for their family members .
  • African who wants to start Business transaction between Vietnam and their Country ( Trading , Import and Export etc ) but later decide to settle down in Vietnam .
  • African Business men / women who looks for healthy future investment return through Manufacturing , Agency and Real Estate etc..
  • African who wants to regist the Investment here for Resident card and to move to third country later . 


​We dont guarantee Jobs ( Employments )  for African in Vietnam and also dont entertain any illigal acts which will cause bad images for the Community in future.  Many Nigerians have faced charges of Drugs trafficking , Money laundring and Cyber scam in Vietnam while many have made it through proper lines of trading ( Import and Export ) as well as manufacturing .  


What do you have to do ?

 1.     Contact our Office Hot line for personal Interview or write us an email with questions.  We     will respond to you as fast as possible . 

2.     Once you are ready , we will send you Service Contract for your review and confimation . 

3.     Depending on your purpose of coming to Vietnam and your future Plan , we will advise you on the type of Legal documents you need to obtain at first place to avoid additional expenses later . 

4.     Other types of services are also available ( House Rental , School interview , Transport and Domestic helps etc ) , we will be able to give you many options to consider before moving here.

5.     Business plan is MUST when you decide to move to Vietnam ,  Studying online all the aspects related to Vietnam and doing Business in Vietnam so you will not be disapointed . We are also here to assist you with further ideas and  plans of Business to suit your Finance as well as your abilities .  Simply contact us with all your related questions .

6.    Community association and Foreign land's  law are also need to be considered .