Vietnam is one of the most naturally beautiful countries on the globe. From its tropical lowlands, to its forested mountains, Vietnam offers a diverse array of gorgeous sights. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the country, Students who travel to Vietnam will be impressed by Vietnams big cities that's markets and shops are like nowhere else on the planet. Students will also get to see traditional Vietnamese architecture when visiting temples, and eat authentic Vietnamese food, which is almost always served with a tray of fresh vegetables and herbs. Whether its sight seeing, eating, or shopping that you love, Vietnam will impress as it offers an abundance of different things to do!


There are 65 University that available for Foreign Students , all programes from Bsc to Master are available .  Cost for study on Vietnam is much lower than other Asian Countries depending on the type of Courses you chose to follow .  Many Universities are in connection with International programs for further study if the student wish to continue abroad. 


After the Visit of President Barak Obama , many Education doors are now given keys to be opened . Vietnam Educational sector is receiving new waves of changes as well as challenges . This will help Vietnamese and Foreign Students in Vietnam benefit more programs at lower cost. 

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and African in Vietnam for studying 


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