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Bamidele Solomon Oluwaseyi, boss and chief executive of three apparel companies, tourism and investment ... never forget the difficult lives began arriving at Ho Chi Minh City.  Hidden economic bachelor's degree has been achieved, Solomon engaged professional football players at Saigon Port club.

After 3 months of probation, the future of Solomon seemed closed with a foot injury, and the formal contract was never signed. But the days of wandering in HCM City, especially in the area of ​​Pham Ngu Lao Street, witnessed full picture dark colors of the African people, often referred to as Nigerian, led the youth make a decision to change his life, and all the people: to erase the ugly image of the African community!


1. Few people know that, from 2005, the promotion of business opportunities in Vietnam was inundated in the company "trigger" of the Nigeria Labour, headed economy in Africa, and also a in the most populous country in Africa.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is "polished", lined with Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China ... as the "new heaven", with dozens of teams eager scorers with annual salary thousands of dollars every month; business opportunities are "just stepped off the plane to be dozens of companies who aspire to know English personnel recruitment queue ...

And if talking about art "fraud", "trigger system" Nigeria has no rival on the entire continent. Location "unmatched" derives from the main cause: the incredibly diverse ethnicity and the language.

Nigeria is a very special country, if for example compared to a certain country, so to speak, Nigeria is a miniature version of India. More than 250 ethnic groups with 521 different languages, always immersed in the Nigerian civil war, ethnic conflict and religious.

Culminating most cases, making Nigeria a bad reputation around the world about ethnic conflict and religion, occurred in 2002, when the country stood out to host Miss World contest. After the newspaper published a commentary related to the sensitive issue of religion, the conflict that broke out in a row of more than 100 people dead and 500 wounded, making Miss World Organizing Committee must transfer location to London.

Because of the complexity of the ethnic, purges of religious persecution, because of the prolonged instability in the past about political security, due to lack of electricity and water (though Nigeria's economy is ranked in the top 40 world ranking gender), because of pressure with its huge population of nearly 170 million people (ranked 8th in the world, with a simple calculation is just 4 Africans are Nigerians 1) ... so Nigeria has ... migratory tradition.

Millions of Nigerians have created "black migration wave" radiating everywhere in the world. America, Australia, Europe ... are the large Nigerian community (in the US even up to 1 million people).

When the nation was on "satisfy" the demand for human resource Cheap knowledge, and enforcement regime strictly controlled immigration, migration flows Nigerians began to seek new horizons, and when that, Vietnam, is promising as an attractive land.


2. bitter truth is that, if the migration team searched the whole new horizon that intellectuals have graduated as Solomon, the survival and success in Vietnam, which is not easy.

Much more, the majority of them, are the adolescent, uneducated and inferior culture, from the poor countryside, came down into the major cities such as Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja and Port Harcout ... hoping to change your life . Here, with the intense competition and uncertain future, they decided to look for new horizons, through the company "trigger job" abound in big cities. "The capacity of the team exaggerated" trigger job "in Nigeria it and not argue. And 90% of those wandering in the park 29/3, West Pham Ngu Lao street, made the offense related to immigration, drugs, fraud or theft ... I've ever had to deal with, or gathered for their fare on the deportation ... are all victims of the case this scam, "Solomon Bamilede laughed bitterly.

3. The young man from the countryside named Solomon Oyo lucky not to fall into tragedy as his many compatriots. In the days of trial at Saigon Port club, free time, he wandered through the exchange community where Nigerian are gatherings.

With apprentice wage of living, and to $ 5,000 for a family under his belt as the capital, Solomon extend a hand out to help the needy: he bought food, drinks for them, and motivate them on a spirit, even contributed money to buy tickets home for those expelled.

But the good days did not last long.  In 4/2009, due to leg injury Solomon was unable to continue his career at Saigon Port club. He had only two options: to go back home or change the job .

Just over $ 1,000 in his pocket, Solomon rented a cheap room at West neighborhood, at the same time began to teach some English. As a British colony, plus the state exists for more than 500 dialects, Nigeria are required to take English become the official language in order to ensure uniformity of the federal government. As a new graduate University of Lagos, Solomon English enough capital to become an English teacher in HCMC.

It was not easy to wandering through the school, the English language centers, but with the full commitment  and the frugal to the point ... Solomon successfully made persistent belief and do whatever it takes to support his compatriots.


The young man did not enjoy carnival partying, not relaxing weekend indulge every style of African people live. Each currency savings, he used to support the troubled Nigerian. Solomon recalls, moderate, steady month and month, 1/3 of his income set aside for community activities in support of Nigeria.

There are many types of difficult, those who are being cheated to come to Vietnam and now run out of money to live, will look for Solomon. Visa expired deported, also must look to Solomon ask for money to buy tickets.  Perform offense, expelled from Vietnam, who also have a reputation thanks to Solomon, so he runs to gathered money from every source, even for help both Vietnam authorities to support ... get rid of those, "he intense" for a peaceful home ...

4. The most ironic story that Solomon Bamilede still remember, as a case of a laugh out loud. A fellow Nigerians were in custody and deportation decision was issued  because the offense but having none of  personal papers with him .

After receiving information from the relevant authorities, Solomon ran to, on the one hand as an interpreter, a motivational side, he declared that this passport is kept at a hotel is at the Dam Sen, District 11. Upon arrival, the hotel owner held on Solomon , required to pay nearly 20 million for  passports to be  returned.

Turns out the truth is, since the first day arrived in Vietnam, believe in  the "cake drawing" from the agent who promised the "trigger job", the young Nigerian have thought it is easy to make money, so he hired hotel long-term, even called alcohol, food to live comfortably. Until the opposite is actually dreadful, no payment, he fled the hotel, wandering rough life, and finally commited to crime to fulfil his needs.

To avoid problems that may arise, Solomon had steep out-of-pocket nearly 10 million, to mobilize additional contributions from the community, enough money to redeem the new passport. Airfare to send his fellow back home, Solomon had to convince the authority and asking for helps.  

5. The definition of good works quietly, with a nice goal, Solomon gave him prestige in the Nigerian community in HCMC. 5/2009, Solomon was promoted into the position of Deputy President of the Nigerian community in Vietnam (ANCV). Only a month later, Solomon was honored positions Association president.

Over the past 7 years, ANCV has developed into a closely held, with more than 150 registered members, has passed background checks and donations, activities regularly, once a quarter. Solomon said, this really is a success of the Association, because with very diverse characteristics of ethnicity and race, more than 250 different ethnic groups, over 500 different languages, to persuade the Nigerian sit together in an organization was really hard.

Also in the past 7 years, ANCV has close contact with the Embassy of Nigeria in Vietnam, supporting immigration Police Department City management and other functional bodies, putting nearly 300 people left Vietnam and return to their homecountry Nigeria .

It really is a difficult job, but more sensitive to operating ANCV in 7 years. Very frankly, Solomon said, there were many people calling him cursing him that why did not he give protection to Nigerians. Even, there are those who threaten him that anytime he set foot on Nigeria land , Solomon will be "slaughtered". not only threaten Solomon, they even threatened to revenge his loved ones at home.

But all that does not make threats to Solomon and 150 other members of the Nigerian Community Association in Vietnam land. They were determined to get back in any way the image of the Nigerian community in the eyes of society, in the eyes of the communication system, and in the eyes of all the people of Vietnam.

"We must not allow those petty theft, drug trafficking, laziness and lack of culture ... affect the traders, the business owners, the good Nigerians, the face of the economy the most prosperous continent in Africa, those who want to live and do Business in Vietnam with honesty ", Solomon confirmed!