SBJ Foundation and Consultancy is a Vietnam based company, under the leadership of a Mr Bamidele Solomon Junior - Nigerian (Bsc Economic - Former President of Nigerian Community in Vietnam ) and his Vietnamese Wife. Its Office located in prime location of Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam . 

Mr Bamidele Solomon Junior - Managing Director 

(Bsc Economic - President of Nigerian Community in Vietnam 2008-2016 )

SBJ Group for Trade,  Consultancy and Marketing Service

  • In 2004, The first company of the Group naming PTA Trading - Services and Tourist Co., Ltd was established . The main Business was International Trading and Marketing. Our main Customers are from USA , UK , SPAIN and AUSTRALIA

  • In 2012The second company of the Group naming S & M Trading - Services and Tourist Co., Ltd.  was formed in the same category but was added Retailing and Local supplies. Besides the main lines of Company's business as Business and Law Consultant, Imports and Export etc , It has also successfully opened its Retail outlets for Textiles - Foods & Beverage. Our Customers are from USA , UK , INDIA , JAPAN and also AFRICAN COUNTRIES  ( http://sm-glorious.com.vn )

  • In 2015,  The Board decided to have the third Company naming SBJ FOUNDATION & CONSULTANCY CO., LTD . It' s only to focus on providing consultancy services on Immigration law of Vietnam, Studying and Investment in Vietnam as well as Srilanka etc for African and Nigerian Customers.  Our clients are those who wants to understand more about Vietnam and what this country can offer,  especialy for those who has intention of relocating family to Vietnam and develope business for betterment. 



We are beyond your expectation .....

  • As well as all of the regular Consultancy Services WE OFFER, we  also  help our Clients with many other ereas of life,  in business Decisions making and also in chosing partnership. Our extensive network of trusted coperated partners can give you the best assurance of service provided. 

  • We assist our clients from planing to developing their ideas.  

  • We give assurance to our clients for every investment or transaction they intend to do in Vietnam with us. 

  • Our Clients can rely on our services and have their rest of mind till the end . This assurance has been proven since many years and inquiries can be made upon our name.

SBJ connection.

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