High population, bane of Nigeria’s underdevelopment –Bamidele

High population, bane of Nigeria’s underdevelopment –Bamidele

By Brown Chimezie

High population has been blamed for the corruption, agitation and bad governance plaguing Nigeria.

The President, Nigeria Community in Vietnam, Mr Solomon Bamidele Junior (SBJ) made the assertion in a statement made available to Daily Sun. He condemned the four children per family policy of the Federal Government and called for a review of the policy just as he suggested two children.

Unless such measure is taken, Nigeria would continue to wallow in abject poverty with its negative consequences, he said. While saying that the Federal Government should learn from the Vietnamese government populations control policy, Bamidele noted that when Vietnam experienced population boom, the government immediately made a law pegging numbers of children a family can raise to two. He said the measure has gradually cut the population to manageable size.

“With moderate population, the government could plan and provide basic infrastructures for the populace.”  The tourism expert call on the National Assembly to pass a bill to peg the number of children a family can bear to two.

“When such a policy is adopted, with time, the population will reduce. A situation where a family raises up to 10 children or more is unacceptable as it puts pressure on lean government budget. Most of these children grow up to become street urchins and willing tools in the hands of agitators”, he said. Bamidele described calls for restructuring and the quit notice issued by Arewa youths to Igbos to leave the north before October 1st, Bamidele as unnecessary. He believes that one strong and united Nigeria will be more beneficial than a Nigeria divided along ethnic lines.

He said rather than heating up the polity through hate speeches, restructuring should start with individual homes through family planning, stressing that Nigeria may not survive another civil war.  He appealed to both the federal and state governments to diversify the economy by promoting tourism.